Educate Me Enable Me

Change one child's future.


Help us enable more people


We are looking for more vollantiers who can spend few hours every week to spend time with under previledged childrens.Lot of those childrens are willing to do something in their life but due to negative atmosphere they are not able to do anything for their life. We need people who can find those childrens around them connect with us and we will try our best to provide correct path.

Need financial Assistance


Those who can support through some financial support please donate us so that we can run this program. With smal help from each of you would create magic in some ones life. They are very far from our society we want bridge that gap.

Care your thoughts


Please share your valualbe thoughts and suggetion to explore this idea in your area. Also how can we improve our focus to help childrens who need us but they can not express to us here.

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